Humanistic Counsellor offering one to one and group work

I am humanistic counsellor which means I believe in the innate capacity within us all to heal and grow. I trust we each have the resources within us to overcome challenges no matter how significate and thrive in life. At times however it can be very difficult to connect with our own abilities or escape patterns of being that keep us stuck, which is where a counsellor might offer their knowledge and experience to facilitate your healing process, whether this be in reuniting with yourself or discovering and harnessing inner resources you haven’t previously recognised.  I work in a collaborative and creative way drawing on a range of theories, techniques, and styles tailored to you and your situation, in the hope of offering you a safe and comfortable space, where you feel supported, heard and accepted whilst you address the complexities that could be stopping you from living the life you would like.

As well as offering private practise counselling I teach for the Open University and have worked within schools, colleges, alternative education settings, youth engagement services and various counselling charities.  I have a research interest in the facilitation of real and lasting change in young men unlikely to access traditional therapeutic services. I’m a mother, daughter, sister, friend and colleague, I’m passionate about nature and I strongly believe we could do with more compassion, love and connection in our world…and like you maybe? I am a person trying to make sense of the world during the pandemic we are in the midst of. Which really means; I understand, personally, professionally and academically how it feels when we find ourselves overwhelmed, believing we are ill equipped to deal with life, and that change is most definitely possible no matter how far away it feels  


Trauma, Abuse (particularly childhood), Relationships, Sex, Sexuality and Gender, Offending and CJS involvement, Bereavement, Loss, Change, Caring (particularly young carers), Anxiety, Depression, Identity, Confidence/Self Esteem, Empowerment, Families and exensive experience working with teenagers and young adults across a broad range of issues


BA(Hons) Business Management 2002
MSc Counselling Psychology (including certificate 2012 and diploma 2013)
Continuing Professional Development as per BACP (Governing Body for Counselling professionals) guidelines since 2012

BACP Membership 00816881


Day & Evening appointments: Tues - Saturday

Fees: My fees are £45 per hour, with payment 48 hours in advance by electronic transfer to secure your appointment.

Concessionary rates: I offer lower cost counselling sessions if needed and welcome a conversation to discuss affordability.